Q: What services do you offer?

A: CD of the edited and retouched images, Premium prints that you can purchase online, Custom Save the Date cards with a photo of the couple from the engagement session, Custom photo albums/ books, Custom Thank you cards with a photo of the bride and groom holding a Thank You sign.

Q: How much time goes into a photo session? 

A: Most clients only see a photographer for the actually photographing portion. What clients don’t see is all the work and time it takes on the back end. If a photographer does a 1 hour photo session, then on average it will take that long for the photographer to edit, color correct, and retouch all your images. My average is 300 images/1 hour of shooting. I edit down to about 10-20%  of what I shoot, so about 30 images per one hour of shooting. So if I’m photographing an 8 hour wedding that equals to about 2000+ images I have to edit through and about 200 edited images. From there I still have to color correct and retouch all the images.  That takes at least 8 hours to do all of that.  When a photographer quotes you $200+ an hour to photograph your event/wedding, just know that $100 of that is for the actual shooting portion, and the other $100 is for the editing, color correcting and retouching. Numerous hours go into every photo shoot to make sure your story is told well.

Q: Why have prints and an album when there are the digital images?

A: For starters, a CD of the digital images might fail. Technology changes over time, and 15 years from now our computers might not be able to read the file format that is used today. If you have the prints or book and technology does fail, you still have the physical items, so not all is lost. If you are showing your friends/ family your photos, its better to have a hard copy for them to hold. Prints on a wall or a photo album allow people a tangible object to hold and look at.

Q:How long do you keep your clients images?

A: I keep the images for five years. After that I have to make room for more recent client images.

Q: Why should I hire a professional rather than a friend to photograph my wedding/event?

A: Hiring a professional helps ensure that someone will be focused on photographing you. While friends have the best intentions, they don’t have the experience in dealing with stressful situations, such as every family member asking them to take this or that photo, or your mother in law demanding they do it the way she wants it. Professionals have the experience to deal with the stress of the day. A pro will edit and retouch all the images. Editing is a long process. It starts by deleting all the ‘bad’ images, such as people blinking. The second thing is a pro will do is color correct the images. That means making sure the lighting is correct as well as the colors. Skin tone needs to stay true to its original color, not be a weird shade of orange or pink. Then they will retouch out the flaws, such as fly away hairs, or a blemish on the skin. The photos are then saved as high resolution images. A pro has the software to do all of that. A friend won’t know how to do all of this to your photos. Photos that will be forever. Photos that will be passed down through generations.